Magic Moments with Santa $100.00

As our 3rd year of Magic Moments with Santa
approaches, we look forward to providing a
highly polished repertoire of activities where
your child can have one-on-one interactive
experiences with Santa. 

For thirty minutes, your child and Santa will
get to know each other while reading
stories, eating cookies, learning about the
North Pole, and much more. While all of
this is going on, we are behind the camera
capturing everything from candid moments
to St. Nick’s orchestrated magic. We will
create priceless memories for your family!

$100 Session Fee includes:
• 30+ minutes with Santa
• 2 professional photographers capturing the interactions
• Professional artist editing the best photos with magic
• A selection appointment 2 weeks after

We have a variety of packages to choose from at your selection appointment.
For example, we offer packages that include:
The first package is $199 and comes with 4 units.
Digitals released after a $525 order.

Scheduling Dates:
Friday, October 13th
Friday, October 20th
Saturday, October 21st
Friday, October 27th
Saturday, October 28th
Total Price: $100.00
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